A little about me!

Where to start?

I am a food lover in every sense...it makes me giddy.  My favorite place in the world is a grocery store, it gives me a creative kick start and from there there is no telling what I will come up with.  Sometimes I am successful...sometimes I hang my head in shame....but it is all so much fun!

I love cooking and baking, they each satisfy a part of me.  Cooking allows me to be creative and baking gives me structure, a perfect yin-yang relationship. 

I went to culinary school for baking and pastry, yeah my sweet tooth is that big.

Nothing is better then making dinner with great friends, giggling the whole way through.

I love anything and everything Italian...food, wine, cheese, art, language, culture, men (haha!), soccer.  It is my goal in life to live there and do nothing but go to markets and cook...I want to learn from true Italians what makes good food.  I dream of sitting at a table outside over looking the Italian countryside eating fresh simple food with a nice glass of wine and fantastic conversation. That is heaven!

I am silly...like really silly.  I have the heart of a five year old...I still love to play!!

Nothing is as sweet as licking the bowl...cake batter, cookie dough, brownie batter....doesn't matter it is all so so so good.

I am not always successful....sometimes things are too salty, too bland, over done, or burned...heck it happens!  

I encourage everyone to comment and participate...I am not shy and love making new friends.  I want to know if you used a recipe, how it turned out and what you thought.  This blog is not just about me sharing what I love, I want to know what you love too.  Let's all giggle together...food is fun and meant to be shared. 

If you want to chat....I love getting emails...kkdickens@live.com is where I am at!