Project Food Blog: The Countless Meanderings of a Curious Cook


If you don’t already know, foodbuzz (awesome site by the way, you need to check it out) has a contest going on for food bloggers - a sort of cross between Top Chef and Next Food Network Star. This first challenge is a challenge indeed: What defines me as a food blogger?  What makes my blog unique? After much thought, a glass or two of wine and hours of conversation with friends I came up with a response. So sit back, have a cookie or two and see what I came up with…wish me luck!

P.S… A massive thank you goes out to my blogging family… your warm comments and support make this adventure that much sweeter. You are the cherry on top of this blogging sundae!

What makes The Blooming Spoon unique?

Hmm…let’s see, let me think about that…

(10 minutes later)

…ok so I came up with a list (I LOVE lists):

1. curiosity
2. curiosity
3. curiosity

The conclusion…it is my curiosity that is the driving force behind what I do. This blog is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of my cravings and whims. I don’t have a background that includes watching my grandmother cook; there are few family recipes that were passed on and in fact, my mom makes it pretty clear that she loathes cooking! So it is my unique curiosity that makes The Blooming Spoon what it is. I look to try new dishes, ingredients and techniques and share those experiences with the equally curious. There is always something new to discover, to explore. One day the tradition of classic French cuisine stirs my imagination and I will seek something from Julia Child and the next day I will be throwing ingredients into a bowl with my fingers crossed that it is edible. The spontaneous, the unexpected, the new -  they capture my imagination and I run with it. Basically I am an all-inclusive food blogger!

I describe The Blooming Spoon as “the countless meanderings of a curious cook”. This is my journey as a foodie, to explore all that I can without setting boundaries. Why constrict myself to one road when the food landscape is a maze of a million roads? Getting lost in this maze is what makes it all so much fun; it’s what keeps me going. With each turn that I take there is so much to see, smell and taste. These countless meanderings teach me something new about myself, about the food and about the world. As if that wasn’t enough, I get to share all of that with my friends and family. Through The Blooming Spoon, they get to be on this journey with me; and if you ask me - that's pretty unique!